JOB OPENING: Literary…

JOB OPENING: Literary Intern

I'm looking for a literary intern (yes, it's a job title I just made up), who can assist me with various projects I have going (or stalled), including:

  • creating a wiki for the literary markets list
  • revamping the DesiLit writing workshop
  • a vast horde of SLF projects
  • organizing fundraising events for arts foundations
  • helping to organize the Kriti Festival
  • researching and writing grant applications
  • uploading web pages for various literary projects
  • prodding me to actually do stuff :-)
The pay is miniscule, but the glory is great. This might actually look reasonably spiffy on a resume, and might be an ideal job for a English undergraduate or grad student looking to break into publishing or arts administration (where the pay will continue to be miniscule).

Qualifications: Bright, energetic, computer-literate, loves literature, works fast and efficiently, online most of the time, answers e-mails promptly and thoroughly in full sentences using standard spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Pay: $10 / hour (or by project, depending on the project, to be negotiated and agreed upon in advance) Hours: Usually 2-5 hours / week

Location: If you happen to be in Chicago and available to meet in person, great, but it's not required; can work from anywhere.

If interested, please send a brief bio and a statement of why you'd be perfect for this job to me, at, by August 15th. Thanks!

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