Dinner went great last…

Dinner went great last night -- per usual, various things I planned to make didn't get made, either for lack of ingredients or lack of time. But the final menu was yum:

  • my aunt's beef curry rolls, which I fried up
  • Thai mango-chicken curry spread on toast -- big hit, perhaps because I topped it with fresh mango this time; toast a lot easier to deal with than the little wonton cups I used to make
  • gado-gado -- which I love, but nobody else seems to; I may have to retire this appetizer, as it hasn't gone over that well at the last two or three parties, pfui, and I end up with too many leftover steamed veggies
  • Trader Joe's pork potstickers -- very popular with the small kids in particular, so this may become a party staple around here
  • chicken roast -- also kid-friendly with no chili in it; got eaten up
  • tilapia curry
  • beef curry
  • cauliflower curry
  • mushroom curry
  • rice
  • Trader Joe's naan, toasted
  • pineapple-apricot punch (popular with the kids)
Other people brought little Armenian pizzas (yum), dessert (yummy fruit salad and yummy cream pie), wine, beer, and juice boxes. :-) I suspended dieting for the party, and gained half a pound as a result. Pfui. But it was delicious, so there.

Had a great time socializing with folks -- I used to have a dinner party every month, and a potluck brunch; I've missed this. I can't remember the last time I threw a party, but I think at least three months ago. Or maybe six. But now that Anand's sleeping better, perhaps we can do this a bit more often. Kevin and Anand have birthdays coming up...

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