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I'm going to go see a new mom friend of mine on Thursday. Two weeks in, she's got a fussy baby and is pretty tired. Also bored, because the routine of caring for a new infant, it's not so exciting. Any recommendations on what to bring her? I've got DVDs and gripe water so far.

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  1. Food! I didn’t really want meals at that stage (too much work to heat anything, no interest in eating more than a few bites), but I craved yummy, healthy snacks like fruit, cheese, nuts. And chocolate, of course.

  2. I’d bring food too, but I’d say something more substantial. I could send daddy out for cheese and stuff, but I wanted easy-to-heat up real food. If she likes curry, maybe a curry dish, some rice and a veg/salad. And a nice desert.

    But for the boredom…hm… I watched a lot of tv at that stage because it felt like I spent 8 hours a day breastfeeding. I might have too. Maybe just let her know being bored is normal. Or bring a list of recommended shows. If she has an entertainment system (xbox, wii, whatever) maybe you could get her a game which could be done one-handed. Not an action game, but something more mild. (Ad and I just finished Broken Sword which was a great one-handed, can-stop-anytime-you-want-to video game. Old, but amusing enough. And not likely to scare a babe)

    I assume she has a boppy, but if not, bring one of those. It was much easier to read/watch tv/talk on the phone/etc with the boppy.

    Oh, and if you’re really brave, you could offer to watch her kid for an hour or two while she goes out alone. Timed between feedings.

  3. Let me third the food suggestion. If you know what she likes to eat, something she could freeze is always good.

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Heh. I should have stated that she’s staying with her parents, so the rice and curry situation is taken care of for the moment. 🙂

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