Good class tonight, I…

Good class tonight, I think, despite my spaceyness from lack of sleep. Nice group (all women this time), many struggling with similar issues in their writing. Or rather, lack thereof, of writing, that is. We talked about finding time to write, writing what scares / embarrasses you, timed writings (and did one), identity issues, building characters who don't look exactly like you, developing desire and conflict in scene. A bit all-over-the-place, in retrospect, but hopefully helpful to them. It made sense at the time.

Next week, focus on building characters. Start with homework dialogue between two characters, then Mary Sues, two of my stories for discussion, stereotypes and archetypes, favorite characters (and why). See where we go from there.

Now, crash. I am so tired. Anand, please don't be too feverish tonight. Stay asleep.

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