We now have a scheduled…

We now have a scheduled official start date for our construction, which is yet another two weeks later than I'd thought, but whatever. What's another half-month's rent between friends?

Anyway, July 26th, which is my birthday (I'm turning 39). Maybe that'll be lucky for us.

2 thoughts on “We now have a scheduled…”

  1. Hooray for the construction. But seeing is believing and if the mule don’t go lame and the river don’t rise (e.g. bad weather) the fun will begin.
    At least it shouldn’t be as bad as what our Polish friends had to deal with when they built a house in their village…. not only did they have to pay money to the crew, but the wife also had to prepare them lunch every day. This will scare you… the whole process took over 3 years.
    Oh, yes… one more thing: don’t pester the contractor. Make occasional but regular visits. Respond to any questions as soon as possible so he can’t claim you’re holding him up. :^) Don’t forget your designer hard hat.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    How frequent would you recommend? We live three blocks away, so it would be easy to stop by daily. Will that drive them crazy?

    Also, my contractor is a she. 🙂

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