Just a few pics from the…

Just a few pics from the von Weise (that's Kevin's mom's maiden name) family reunion in St. Louis. Some of them are pretty small, but you can make us out if you squint real hard. I'm carrying Anand and Kevin is carrying Kavi in the photo below.

Kevin's mom, Ann, is the second of four children. The reunion brought together all four of her siblings, plus their kids, spouses/partners, and grandkids. I think there are ten cousins in Kevin's generation. No idea how many grandkids -- at least ten so far, I think. And more are on the way.

We spent most of our time at the pool, but sadly, Kavi was quite timid, as this photo clearly shows. She wants to get in the water with the other kids, but she is scared. In the end, she spent a lot of time sitting on the side of the pool, kicking her legs in the water. Occasionally, I coaxed her to get in deeper, with me holding her tightly, but it took a lot of persuasion and never lasted long.

There was a lovely cake to celebrate both the reunion and multiple birthdays, which we ate. That was probably Kavi's favorite part. She loves cake. Or at least the idea of cake. Often she doesn't actually eat very much of it.

Anand looks a little lost, sitting all by himself on the grass. But don't worry, Anand -- your second cousin (Elyse? Emma?) is all ready to give you a big hug.

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