Since I couldn’t sleep…

Since I couldn't sleep (see previous entry re: child weeping), I edited photos. Here's the adorable elephant bib I crocheted for Venu's baby shower. The end of the trunk hangs freely, and in the pattern, you're supposed to attach a piece of Velcro to make it a pacifier holder. Which is a cute concept, but kind of impractical, since I only put bibs on babies when I'm feeding them, and they don't have their pacifiers then. Maybe they think you're going to pop the pacifier back in as soon as the feeding is done? Anyway, I skipped that part.

This went over pretty well at the baby shower. Handmade + elephant is hard to beat.

The yarn is Berocco Vintage, a machine-washable wool-acrylic blend in Cracked Pepper and Wasabi. Love all the non-pastel colors in that line, and the softness of the yarn; I think it's going to be my new default for baby yarn gifts. I'm using the leftover yarn, plus I think their Crimson, to make the elephant stranded hat for Kavi / Anand. Cracked Pepper is a perfect elephant color.

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