Kavi complained a bit…

Kavi complained a bit about going to school, and there was a tear or two, but nothing major. When we got there, the kids were all outside on the playground. Kevin played with her while I got Anand settled, and then we introduced her to her teacher and tried to say goodbye. She resisted, but then a little boy digging in the dirt with a shovel said that they were making ant food. Kavi immediately said, "I want to make ant food." And the teacher led her off to go get a shovel. No more tears that we could see.

So far, so good. We're just going to do a half-day today, to get them acclimated. We'll see what the teachers report about their days.

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  1. Lenore Jones/jonesnori

    Half a day is smart. I’m not a parent, but I noticed that the school I used to work at started young children on half-days before working them up gradually to full days. I’m glad the transition went so easily this morning.

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