Anand used to wake at 4…

Anand used to wake at 4 and be wide awake, ready to play for an hour. Now he still wakes up a bit, at 4 or 5, but he's clearly still wanting to sleep, and a bit of milk and retucking of blanket seems to send him back to bed until 7-ish. It's not as good as him solidly sleeping 'til 7:30, the way Kavi does, but it's a huge improvement, since it lets me have 2-3 hours in the morning to myself. In theory, I could even exercise then. (Although sadly, the new apartment set-up currently means that the Wii Fit is in the bedroom where Kevin is sleeping. That may change, though -- I believe a new cable would be required.)

Today, for my first quiet morning (of what I hope will be many), I ate breakfast, watched two episodes of Law & Order, drank tea, knit a few rows on the childrens' elephant hat, and unpacked some art. You know the unpacking is progressing when you can afford to unpack art, rather than sheer necessities, like underwear and tea.

Like my elephant hat, I feel like the pattern of our lives is emerging, from the long, dark confusion of Anand's infancy. It's not entirely clear yet, but I'm hopeful. I think it may turn out quite nice in the end.

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