So far today, dealt with…

So far today, dealt with cranky children, covered for sick Kevin (allergies, we think), weeded for two hours (will it be enough to satisfy the Village? we'll see), made serious progress in kitchen, took a shower and some Advil. In some pain (there's something wrong with my tailbone / hips that I really need to get looked at sometime soon), but the Advil should kick in shortly.

Tonight, I'd like to either finish the kitchen / do dishes / do laundry OR write for 2-3 hours. Jarmila called in sick this morning, so we had no childcare then, so very little got done -- luckily, Alma can come for three hours tonight. We'll see what I'm up to managing. It depends a bit too on what Kevin's plans are; Alma is great with Anand, but Kavi is not so accommodating of new babysitters, and she'll probably need one of us to be around.

Tomorrow -- Jarmila comes @ nine, then writing or possible mowing + 11:30 kids' doctor's appt. + 2:00 grant meeting on campus + possible meeting with Dave. Full day.

Update: Alma got stuck in bad, bad traffic. We decided that an hour-and-a-half late probably wasn't going to be worthwhile. So no writing tonight. Instead, laundry, dishes, emptying last kitchen box, coaxing mildly sick Kavi to eat.

3 thoughts on “So far today, dealt with…”

  1. Lenore Jones/jonesnori

    Oh, dear – you have had a day! I hope tomorrow will be better.

    I, too, did weeding, on Saturday. I have a very small yard, which I had allowed to get very overgrown. (It’s actually shared with the other four flats in my building, but nobody else does any gardening.) A friend offered to weed with me, and I took her up on it with alacrity. Got me out there!

  2. Find out who is in charge of these kinds of things and find out what the actual legal strictures are.

    Because in Farmington, for example, there is no official rule for how long your grass is supposed to be. Just that it looks reasonably kempt. And if you talk to the Village, explain the situation, you might have better luck.

    I actually explained to the zoning officer that the woman next door to me, (who seems to be moving, yay!) dislikes me, and showed him the lilac that she whopped down most of, some of which was on my property.

    My yard is always very much a work in progress…

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’m told weeds have to be no more than 8 inches tall. Of course, it’s unclear what defines a weed…

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