Anand slept ’til 6:30…

Anand slept 'til 6:30 yesterday. And is still asleep at 5 today. (Usually he's up at 4.) I am scared to admit that I am hoping he just sleeps better in the new house. Wouldn't that make everything worthwhile?

Although to be fair, Kavi started sleeping through the night at 9 months. Anand will be 9 months in four days. So maybe our kids are just genetically programmed to start sleeping at that age. I'll take that too. I don't really care what the reason is, as long as they sleep. Lots. Crossing all my fingers and toes...

Kavi is actually sleeping a lot right now (she conked out at 6:30 instead of her usual 9:30 last night) because she is sick. Vomiting-slight fever sick. Poor munchkin. No idea where this came from; hopefully it will not last. I missed the onset because I was away in Waukesha at the SE Wisconsin Festival of Books, so Kevin had to cope with it on his own. Poor baby. But he left me a lovely plastic bag full of vomited-on stuff to deal with today. If we can move enough boxes to reach the washer/dryer. So I don't feel entirely left out of this family experience.

The festival was small, but nice, and I'd be happy if they invited me back next year, which I think they might. I might want to pick a different topic, though -- they asked me to talk about race and science fiction, which does not pull a huge crowd in Waukesha, I'm afraid. About a dozen folks. How to become a published writer, women's writing, writing with kids, etc. and so on would all be better topics. Although there were also some readers in the audience too. For them I think just reading from Bodies in Motion would have gone over well. Especially in the summer, when people are looking for tropical escapes. What could be better than a book about sunny beaches and half-dressed people? (I have never described my book that way before. But there are at least two beaches in my book. And a fair number of half-dressed and undressed people.) Anyway, I had a good time, especially talking to two SF/F authors, Paul Mccomas and Stephen D. Sullivan. I also really enjoyed the smart, interesting panel on mystery writing and fishing. Fishing is apparently big in Waukesha.

I was particularly happy all day yesterday because first I slept ten solid hours (omigod!) and then I spent the two hours driving up and the two hours driving back talking to Jed. It was serene and peaceful and so nice to feel like no, I really wasn't supposed to be doing anything else. Just sitting in the car, driving, and chatting. That was my only job. Very relaxing.

Plan for today: keep unpacking. The kitchen is yet to be excavated, and I think I will feel much better if I can cook again, instead of eating pizza. After four days of it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I am starting to get sick of pizza, which is appalling.

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