So I’ve gotten no…

So I've gotten no packing or cleaning done yet, and I've been up for 10 hours. My arms are aching from carrying Anand, and I am still desperate for a nap. My e-mail backlog holds steady at around 350 messages, including some urgent ones. But here are some nice bits from the morning, when the children absolutely refused to let me work:

  • seeing how happy Anand was to see me this morning, giggling and cheerfully grabbing my face
  • having Kavi completely calm when I woke her this morning -- she did know I was gone, according to Kevin, but am relieved that she didn't even mention it today; clearly, she's not traumatized by Amma's travel, which is good, because there's some more coming
  • reading her Green Eggs and Ham for the first time -- she's finally old enough to sit through entire Dr. Seuss books. Fun!
  • snuggling on the couch with her while she watched tv
I do mostly like spending time with my kids. I just wish that I didn't have so much other stuff that needed doing.

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