In transit — in…

In transit -- in Charlotte, NC right now, with a two hour wait until I board my connecting flight to Charleston, SC. I think I asked for suggestions of what not to miss in Charleston, but now I can't remember what people said, so consider the question open again? I'm going for my sister's bachelorette party, but the weekend has a fair bit of sightseeing time built in. It's going to be 90 degrees, so anything that requires a lot of standing around in the blazing sun (like a plantation tour, interesting as that sounds) is probably not going to happen. I admit, there's a certain temptation to just huddle in my hotel room, write, and sleep. But that seems like a shame, since I'm not sure when I'll ever ben here again.

Maybe I'll go visit the Nathaniel Russell House and get ideas for things I can't afford for my house. Although I admit, just looking at its Wikipedia page made me want to set up a crystal decanter of port in our library, for the gentlemen's pleasure when they retire after dinner.

My pleasure too -- I like sherry, but I like port better. :-)

12:35 update: Hmm...might visit the Aiken-Rhett house. Urban life in antebellum Charleston; extensive slave quarters in the heart of the city. Hard to imagine now.

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