I’m sitting in my house,…

I'm sitting in my house, my real house, borrowing minimal wifi from Georh, whomever s/he may be. Thanks, Georh, for your unlocked network!

I'm writing fiction in between putting down layers of sample colors for kitchen cabinets. (I only have one brush, which I have to wash out in a bucket of borrowed water between coats of paint, so it's a slow process.) 2800 words on the YA fantasy novel so far today, and still going. Fiction + painting makes a surprisingly good combination. I can think while putting down paint, and then write while the paint dries. The plan is for the lower cabinets to be painted, and the uppers stained wood. I think it'll look good. In some shade of green-blue-grey; I had originally thought I'd just pick from paint chips, but then I decided that was ridiculous, and so yes, I'm painting half-a-dozen sample sheets, which I will tape down next to the one piece of our floor that's been stripped and waxed, so we can try to picture what that color will look like next to those floors.

Am I little overly-particular about all this? Would you want me designing your house? Would my obsessive attention to getting exactly the right shade of paint be appealing, or terrifying? Maybe safer not to answer that...

I did some gardening, pulling out weeds; we got a warning from the village about the state of our yard. Which feels a bit unfair, given the situation, but I talked to them, and they seem okay with my working on it as I can for now. It helps that the front yard was landscaped previously as a 'prairie garden', so it's supposed to be somewhat unkempt. :-) And our neighbor, Ron, kindly mowed our meridian strip for us, which definitely helps!

I'm now reconsidering the arbor from the previous entry, which seems a little foofy when I picture it next to my actual house. Overly Victorian? I like the trio of spears, but I'm not sure about the scrollwork ornamentation. Opinions?

Writing and painting and gardening are all good things. But the best thing is that I got an e-mail from the village -- our structural plans have been approved! Woohoo!

It's still a bit to actual work starting on the house -- Pam has to apply for actual permits, schedule the excavator, etc. We're hoping 2 weeks, although it may be more like 3. So a July 1st start date?

Regardless, it's progress, which I had begun to despair of. Hooray!

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  1. Mary Ann,
    Congradulations on the approval. Now the fun really starts. Be sure and get a spiffy hard hat before you go inspecting the contractors work. Especially during the footing and framing stage, there will be open pits, scaffolding and plenty of items to trip over. I would recommend visiting towards the end of the day when work is winding down and the contractor has time to talk to you and show you around. Call ahead please.
    You might want to get the city inspector’s proposed visit schedule to see how he checks things out at each phase of construction.
    Also make sure the contractor keeps his approved set of plans on site and updated with any notations of changes if they occur.
    I don’t know what the Architect has told you, but at the end of the job you should get a record set of prints with all the changes to keep for your records. The contractor keeping his set of prints updated should make your set of record plans easy to make.
    You may not think the record set is important but if in the future you need to find a buried sewer or water line, or determine which wall in the house is load bearing before you start moving things around, these plans save you grief and time.
    From your posts I can see you’re detail orientated. I hope you get everything resolved before the contractor starts, otherwise it could cost you money. Contractors love changes so they can charge you extra and use the excuse you are delaying the project for their lack of progress. Best wishes on the buildout.

    Dennis B.

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