Isn’t this gated arbor…

Isn't this gated arbor pretty? Can't you imagine it just dripping in roses? (Possibly paired with clematis, probably Jackmanii because I love it so...)

It'd be in one of my few full sun spots, between the front and back yard on the south side. I want a white, pink, or dark red rose there -- I'm tentatively thinking of David Austin's Tess of the d'Urbervilles, if I can buy it in the U.S. Anyone have any experience with that rose?

Any other suggestions? I was also thinking of Snow Goose. I'm not doing exclusively David Austin roses (I tried that one year, and it got monotonous), but I do like them, and other older-style roses.

2 thoughts on “Isn’t this gated arbor…”

  1. Have you run into this website? It’s fun to read about how he got sucked into rose gardening. Besides that, however, he lists his favorite sources for mailorder roses.

    I have no sunny spots for roses, but am trying out zephirine drouhin which is allegedly thornless, grows in sun and shade and is very fragrant.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I have three Zephrine Drouhin just waiting to go into a shady spot, of which I have many. They’re kind of randomly stuck into my yard at the moment, waiting to be moved after the heavy machinery is done. Hopefully before late fall.

    Thanks for the website rec!

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