Sometimes I feel like I…

Sometimes I feel like I just cry a lot, compared to other bloggers. Do I cry more than other people? Or do I just blog about it more?

For data point, I think in the last month, I've spent about 3-4 hours crying. In the first month after Anand was born, maybe 3-4 hours / week? It has gotten better.

It's a stunningly beautiful day today, and after four hours of stained glass class in the morning, spicy cajun gumbo and grilled prawns for lunch at an outdoor cafe, chai and writing with Lori in the afternoon, I don't even mildly feel like crying today. Even though I'm now on kid-duty for the next five hours.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I feel like I…”

  1. I think you might admit it more than most people do. I don’t cry that much, but I also don’t tell people when I do. I’ll tell you from now on so you can compare, science-like. For instance, I cried on Saturday night because I missed Greg and it was still a whole week until I’d see him.

    OK, for the sake of science, I should say that this week is going to be an outlier.

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