Last day of classes! I…

Last day of classes! I love teaching, but oh, I am so very happy to be done with this semester. My life is a morass of contradictions. As another example, my beloved kids drive me crazy. Kavi had a little meltdown yesterday morning, saying she didn't want mommy to go to work. Tears and everything. Normally she's fine with it, but I think what with Minal's visit and the event-planning for it, I've been away a little more than usual this week, and she's feeling it. Poor munchkin. It's almost over, kiddo, just hang in there.

Minal's event went really well yesterday, by the way. A little under-attended -- in retrospect, maybe scheduling an event the last week of classes was not the best timing ever. But a solid audience, and everyone who came really enjoyed it, I think. She was smart and interesting and we had a great discussion and I wish I could bring her out every year, as I think my students got a ton out of having her come to their classes on Tuesday. Yay!

Today -- paper workshops, Evening is the Whole Day discussion, and class parties. I have leftover samosas and Indian sweets from yesterday's event, so that's what I'll be bringing. Yum.

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