I just ran across this,…

I just ran across this, and it is very lovely, and so perfect for the last day of classes on an April Thursday.

Three Spring Notations on Bipeds

by Carl Sandburg


The down drop of the blackbird,
The wing catch of arrested flight,
The stop midway and then off: off for triangles, circles, loops of new hieroglyphs
This is Aprils way: a woman:
O yes, Im here again and your heart
knows I was coming.


White pigeons rush at the sun,
A marathon of wing feats is on:
Who most loves danger? Who most loves wings? Who somersaults for Gods sake in the name of wing power in the sun and blue on an April Thursday.
So ten winged heads, ten winged feet, race their white forms over Elmhurst.
They go fast: once the ten together were a feather of foam bubble, a chrysanthemum whirl speaking to silver and azure.

The child is on my shoulders.
In the prairie moonlight the childs legs hang over my shoulders.
She sits on my neck and I hear her calling me a good horse.
She slides downand into the moon silver of a prairie stream
She throws a stone and laughs at the clug-clug.

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