Hope you enjoyed…

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's spring photos. I have to admit that I'm periodically startled by how attractive our children are. I mean, Kev and I do okay, or we did when we were twenty, anyway, but I honestly think my kids are cute enough to be Gap models. That's probably just mom-colored-glasses talking, but if you happen to agree with me, then please join in a paean to the value of hybrid vigor... :-)

This is the second morning in a row where I was woken up by my body waking on its own (from a dream about someone agreeing to trade me three fruit trees for four invading species trees I was getting rid of -- now why would they want those? Whom did they want to invade?), rather than by children needing something. It feels so luxurious. I can read journals. I can eat breakfast in peace. I can post. In theory, I could even write, but that's harder to do with the uncertainty of when they will wake up looming. And lord knows there's plenty of other stuff to do. Today I have:

  • a pile of bills to pay
  • a tax assessment to re-appeal (start the process by phone, anyway)
  • a driving ticket to find and deal with (I went straight on a deserted road instead of taking a forced right turn -- yes, I was entirely in the wrong, sigh)
  • a grants meeting to prep for (lots of dull reading)
  • 70 papers to grade (that probably won't get completed, but I should start)
  • a doctor's appt. to get an IUD (woohoo! hope it all goes well)
  • a grants meeting to attend
  • an architect meeting to attend (our tentative plan is to cut the rear addition in half -- with the pizza oven and conservatory cut as well, and a little more help from Kev's parents, and if Pam's attempt to trim the estimates from her subs all work out, then I think we can stop cutting there. Otherwise, the turret goes too, which means the guests probably go up in the kids' low-ceilinged playroom, so that I can continue to have a dedicated study. I keep hearing Virginia Woolf in my head, talking about the importance of a room of one's own.)
But right now, a little food, tea, knitting to start the day.

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  1. Lenore Jones/jonesnori

    I’m so glad to hear you use the phrase “hybrid vigor”. I used it the other day about the (multiracial) friend of a friend, and was afraid I might have offended unthinkingly (though she just responded with “lol”). Of course, responses are very individual, so you never know.

    I do agree that your kids are really cute!

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