Some mornings (even…

Some mornings (even though you have a cold and your head is a weirdly muffled place, even though you still don't know what you are doing with your renovating house, even though Kevin woke you up at 1 a.m. to help with a teething, wailing baby) are just lovely. Quietly joyful.

Maybe it is because the children slept (both of them!) until 8. Maybe it is because you got two quiet hours to straighten up and read and paint and putter all by yourself. But mostly, it is because it is spring, and the weather is briefly gorgeous. The children are happy and Kavya is singing to herself as she wanders in and out of the kitchen onto the back porch, playing cheerfully all on her own in a way that doesn't require anything of mama whatsoever, aside from an occasional, "Yes, that's lovely, dear," and "No, you can't take that outside."

Their adorable spring outfits may also have something to do with it -- I know, it's shallow and consumerist of me to be so cheered by new clothes, especially new clothes from Gap, but really, it is so lovely to have Anand finally in bright colors (pretty much impossible to find for a boy over the winter, it seemed), and Kavya wearing a happy peacock that seems to dance with her as she bounces about.

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  1. I would so make Kavi’s shirt into a pillow once she grows out of it, it’s so cute, and it goes with the colour scheme you have planned for her room!

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