I want to tell you about…

I want to tell you about both the cutting-down-trees thing and the botanic-garden-visit thing, but both of those will be much better with pictures, and I don't have time for picture editing over lunch. So sad. You will have to be patient with me.

But in general, I'm really happy today. I had a truly miserable day yesterday -- just the kids in terrible moods and very needy + people getting mad at me about not teaching on the furlough days + not having enough time and having to race from thing to thing to thing. (My exercise Sunday: twenty minutes bike ride, fun; Monday: two hours of fast walking through a large exhibit.) It just all piled up, and all sorts of little things kept going wrong.

By contrast, even though I knit three rows this morning on Kavi's sweater that I'm going to have to rip back, having discovered that I missed a crucial row four rows ago, everything else has been clicking along nicely today and I'm just happy. The sun is shining, the weather is unseasonably warm, the kids were super-happy and cute this morning. I had delicious leftover curry for breakfast and lunch, I'm teaching a great play today (Wole Soyinka's The Lion and the Jewel: sex farce + invasion of modernity = fun teaching), I'm finally caught up on my design work and my program admin work (there's more to do, but I'm no longer behind). Plus, the rest of the week looks good too -- we're going to read the next chapter in Minal's book for Thursday (Minal, if you're reading this, my students really like your book!), I'm looking forward to finalizing the electrical plan for the house tomorrow and going to showrooms at the Merchandise Mart on Friday to think more about bathroom fixtures, tile, lighting (hmm....I wonder if I can convince any of my working gal friends to play hooky and join me), and Saturday/Sunday mornings I should get to actually write. If I get all my laundry/dishes chores done first.

Life is still insanely busy, but it's starting to feel like it's coming back under control again. Also, the bulbs are coming up. Spring!!!

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