Since waking up at 4:30,…

Since waking up at 4:30, I have:

  • fed the baby
  • gotten him back to sleep, which let me...
  • have a quick sandwich and tea, check my morning blogs (about a dozen, mostly not updated)
  • wash a metric ton of dishes while watching an episode of Desperate Housewives on Hulu (I stopped watching for a year or two, but now that I'm living in the suburbs, the show has become newly relevant to me)
  • fed the baby again
  • propped him up to play in his basket -- Anand can now sit and play for a half hour or so by himself, a new development this week which makes our lives so much better! That let me...
  • take some yarn photos and blog about them
  • change the suddenly ridiculously poopy baby, in the process getting poop all over a blanket (chenille, which will have to be dry-cleaned), his clothes and changing pad towel, and my shirt
  • put poopy stuff in the laundry and changed my shirt
  • dressed the baby, fed him again, and put him down to hopefully nap for half an hour...
  • started a second cup of tea
  • and I was planning to exercise, but I think I hear Kavi stirring, so next is getting her up and changed and fed milk and breakfast...
Three hours into the day and I'm already tired. But at least I've managed to get a few things done -- some mornings, Anand doesn't cooperate, and then it's just all-Anand-all-the-time. Those are the mornings when I'm counting the minutes until Jarmila arrives at 9:30.

Oh, and I just managed to tear a huge hole in my favorite pyjama pants, which I have worn to thin threads. They were so comfy. Sigh.

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