Babies are…

Babies are unpredictable. This morning, I woke up at 5, blessedly late, to take over my Anand duties. Normally, he gets me up at 4, or 3:30, and he's awake for an hour or so, and then goes back down for an hour, which lets me do a variety of things, including course prep. But today, he slept in, which meant I got seven hours of sleep instead of six. (I was having such a good time at the Stitch and Bitch last night that I got home at 8:30 instead of 7:30, which meant not getting to bed until 9, instead of 8, as is my normal target these days.) Seven hours of sleep (instead of an expected six) would normally be a good thing. Except that once he was awake, Anand didn't want to go back down for a nap!

Which meant I wasn't able to do any course prep. I had caught up on my grading yesterday, but I'd expected to have an hour this morning when I could re-read the two essays that I was teaching today (Edmund Burke -- we're in Ireland now, reading his 1790 defense of monarchy and his letter to his son, Richard Burke, who's gotten caught up with those wretched Catholic radicals...). I've read the essays before, of course, but I never managed actual lecture notes last time I taught it, which means I needed to re-read it before class and figure out exactly which points I wanted to be sure we covered and which quotes from the texts I'd want to reference; that would have been really essential towards having a good class. And it just didn't happen.

Which meant that class this morning was -- well, it was okay. I mostly remembered what was in the text and what I wanted to say. But it would have been a good deal better if I'd had an extra hour to prep this morning. That sleep cost me, dangit. If Anand is going to get up at 5 regularly from now on, I can plan for it, and it's even a good thing. 5 is much better than 3:30! But I do wish the boy would send me memos before deciding to adjust his sleep schedule.

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