This is just so pretty,…

This is just so pretty, I had to share. I'm tempted to get this for the front parlor / music room. I love the crewel work on the shade, and the Chinese vase shape of the glass base. Pottery Barn, $99 (base) + $39 (shade). Lighting is expensive, and we're going to need a lot of it. Sigh.

3 thoughts on “This is just so pretty,…”

  1. It is pretty, and nicely displayed with the marigolds (on a book!?).

    Personally, I prefer overhead lights, then over-the-shoulder wall lamps, then floor lamps, and table lamps like this one last. A white/translucent shade would help, but I find they don’t properly light a book in my lap, even when dragged right to the edge of the table. I’m also hard-of-hearing, and lip-reading in dim light is hard, so I’m all for bright lighting most of the time. YMMV….

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I agree, normally table lamps come last. But I am having a tough time finding ceiling and wall lamps I like, within a reasonable price range. Frustrating.

  3. I find nice lamps/lighting in the oddest places. I found a lovely chandelier at Pier 1, and my kitchen lamps are from Ikea. I’ve also gotten lamps from Pottery Barn on sale for a lot less (keep an eye out for their sales)

    You can also buy adaptors to turn vases and such into lamps, too….

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