Per last entry, Kevin…

Per last entry, Kevin came home early, when I was marinating the steak. So I asked him if he could take over the cooking, so I could pump and then have a glass of wine with dinner; I'd opened a bottle of Yellowtail shiraz for the steak marinade (note, this is a good, simple marinade, but I cut the soy sauce in half, because various reviews said it was too salty, and ours came out perfect). (If I'd had the glass of wine first, then no pumping for three hours. Sequence becomes critical.) Kev asked if he could take a shower first. I said sure, if he didn't care about roasting potatoes or prepping green beans. He decided he'd rather be clean than have vegetables, which was fine with me.

So he took Kavi up to the bathroom with him, and she drew on the tub with her bath crayons while he took a long shower, and I pumped and watched Bones while the baby slept. And then Kev came down and grilled the steak while I drank half a glass of wine and it was so good. We ate the steak on toasted bread with melted swiss cheese, and it was delicious, and neither of us missed the green beans or potatoes at all. And then I toddled off to bed and crashed hard for seven hours, until Kevin shook me awake at 4:30 a.m., because I was so tired I didn't even hear the baby howling. And then I came down and got Anand and made him milk and snuggled him and changed his diaper and put him back to sleep for his early morning hour-long nap. And now I have a brief window to use the bathroom and make tea and eat something and find my slippers and pump milk and say good morning to you all, all hopefully before he wakes up and needs me again. And so it goes.

I'll make something with vegetables today, I promise.

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  1. Trader Joes has some fabulous frozen veggies, if you have one near you. The haricots verts are amazing. As a singleton, I find frozen veg to be a lifesaver, that way I don’t have produce turning odd colors in the fridge…

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Kavi eats a lot of frozen veggies — she likes snacking on frozen peas and corn, thankfully. 🙂 Me, I like my food cooked, and it’s the cooking that’s the problem right now. No energy.

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