Can I just say that I…

Can I just say that I love my Xmas present toaster oven? Love love love. My old toaster, I used maybe once every two weeks? I've used the toaster oven on average at least once daily since it arrived a week ago. So far, I've made:

  • toasted cheese
  • toast spread with leftover curry
  • more toasted cheese
  • toast spread with a different leftover curry
  • toasted ham and cheese
  • toasted tortilla with scrambled eggs, grilled poblanos, and cheese
Yes, there's a definite theme there. Kev's been a bit more adventurous, I think -- grilling hot dogs, and doing something else in the middle of the night that dripped all over the oven. Thanks, dear. But I forgive him, because really, melting cheese just makes life so much better. Especially life in a cold, snowy, Chicago winter.

2 thoughts on “Can I just say that I…”

  1. Yay toaster oven!

    The people who clean my house generally put a layer of aluminum foil on the floor of the toaster oven (by removing the bottom, then covering it with foil on the inside, then replacing it), which seems to make drips easier to clean.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    My oven has a bottom tray that slides out, so it’s very easy to clean. As long as you don’t drip stuff onto the long, thin metal shields that protect the actual heating elements (above the tray). Those are a bit of a pain.

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