Anand slept five hours…

Anand slept five hours in a row last night. Fabulous.

I slept two hours total. Miserable.

No idea why -- just couldn't sleep. Neither could Kevin, even though our kids were doing great. And thus, we've been staggering around like zombies today. Somehow, we need to get a night or two of decent sleep each before the semester starts on Monday. Somehow.

Other than that, though, life is pretty good. On the same day that we got hit with the furloughs, our unbelievably fabulous contractor Pam magically showed up with five free lamps for us, passed on by a former client who was redecorating. Her home is Spanish Moroccan style, but I think her lamps will work beautifully with my medieval-Gothic-Asian-cottage Victorian-modern style. (Because really, what wouldn't?) The lamps included these two beauties:

Dining room or library? Opinions?

Master bath or my study?

Free lighting really helps ease the furlough sting. Although admittedly, we're still fretting about the state budget for the future...

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  1. Are you thinking about cutting back on your renovation plans until you have a better sense of how the state budget problems will further impact your income?

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