You would think, based…

You would think, based on the last few entries, that we do nothing but house stuff. But my class has continued to be fabulous, and I'm actually quite sad that the semester is ending next week, which I'm not sure has ever happened before. (I suspect taking three weeks off in the middle might have contributed to that feeling too. :-)

And Monday, my little sister Sharmila arrived, and Tuesday she and I had a lovely day seeing the house and having lunch at Marion Street and showing her the stained glass place where I did my class (I have a tentative and slightly scary plan to take the advanced stained glass class in January, learn how to do lead came, and try to do our stairway window myself, oof -- it'll save a lot of money if I can do it, and might even be fun, but intimidating) and poking our heads in a variety of stores and restraining ourselves from actually buying anything. But it was so nice showing her Oak Park, which I am already awfully fond of.

She left this morning (sad) and I did some work and then developed a killer headache and had to lie down for a few hours, at which point the headache got worse so I got up and took a massive amount of ibuprofen and that helped enough that I could do a few hours of kitchen design work with Kevin (hence, previous entry with long list). It's astonishing how much time this renovation has already eaten up; I have no idea how people with full time day jobs manage it.

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving at Daniel and Anne's, which should be much fun -- we're bringing my famous cornbread sausage chipotle stuffing, a double batch. Also four folding chairs, which I shouldn't forget, or I'll have to run back here to pick them up.

If I don't get back here, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Among other things, I'm thankful for all of you reading this blog. :-)

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