The to-do list is still…

The to-do list is still frighteningly long, but I'm starting to catch up enough that I can steal a half hour here and there (especially around 4 a.m.) to finish up small projects. Like folding laundry. Or finishing a bug sweater for our little bug. I did most of this while pregnant, but ran out of yarn and couldn't finish it until I unpacked the box with the extra yarn.

I'm pretty happy with it, though I wish I'd appliqued the bug on the back a little lower, and made the whole thing a little bigger because he's already almost too big for it.

I'm not so sure Anand likes it, though.

3 thoughts on “The to-do list is still…”

  1. Adorable! He’s the sweetest thing, and the sweater is very cute.

    As for whether he likes it, I became convinced a long time ago that, apart from basic issues of comfort, baby clothes are for the enjoyment of onlookers, not the babies.

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