Okay, that wasn’t too…

Okay, that wasn't too painful. Finished revision (thanks, Lori, for notes on this one) and am going home to print it out and then put in mail. Hope I have the right size envelopes unpacked.

Also added a bunch more images to design page and broke out the kitchen images, because the page was getting too image heavy and loading too slowly. Is it still too image heavy? How many images can I put on a page before it gets irritating in terms of load times? It's hard for me to tell, since I'm putting it up in pieces and they're cached now, so load fast.

These images (mostly of my study and the front hall, though a few scattered elsewhere in bedroom and kitchen) are from Domino, which I gather was a modern-ish design magazine that ended recently. This collection is an anthology of their best work and notes, I gather. Overall, the aesthetic is a bit too modern for me, but there are certain images I just love, like this one:

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