I’ve got to stop…

I've got to stop obsessing about kitchen layouts. And Kevin is worse; he couldn't sleep last night, and I think it's because he's constantly space planning. It's insane.

I have a deadline today -- I want to submit something to Crab Orchard Review's special Land of Lincoln issue. There's no way I would have been able to write something new in time, but I have a story that's been drafted and workshopped and is close to done; I just need to give it a final once-over and fix some bits, I think. It's a postmark deadline, so as long as I can revise and print it by 5ish, I'm sure I can find a post office somewhere.

But I had to get out of the house to do it, because as long as I was in there, I was either unpacking (still, argh!) or talking to Kevin about kitchen layouts. So I'm at Eastgate now, and I've had some of their yummy lobster bisque, and now, dammit, I am going to write. Really.

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