Got some really lovely…

Got some really lovely news today, from Truman, a community college on the north side of Chicago:

One Book, One Truman is a program designed to bring our college together in the reading of a single book. It is sponsored by the Cosgrove Library, which provides copies of the featured book to participating readers and discussion materials to teachers who use the book in their classes. In Spring 2010, One Book, One Truman will feature Bodies in Motion: Stories by Mary Anne Mohanraj (Harper/Collins, 2005).


One Book, One Truman will begin in late January 2010, when the library will give away 100 copies of the book. We are pleased to report that Ms. Mohanraj, who is a local author, will come and speak about her work at some point during the reading period. The program will culminate with a moderated group discussion in early to mid March. For more information about One Book, One Truman, please contact Leone McDermott at or 773-907-4877.

Yay! Truman currently has 23,000 students, but I'm guessing they won't all buy my book. Still, it's a very fabulous thing, and I'm so glad that the library committee chose my book. :-)

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