Wrote 3850 words of…

Wrote 3850 words of superhero story, pretty solid draft. There are advantages to thinking it all out in advance. Would have written more, but my fingers are out of practice -- they started cramping up after four straight hours of typing. So I'm calling it quits for the night, and if I can write the other half of the story tomorrow, then I should be in reasonable shape for the 11/15 deadline, given that today was a Sunday and all. Not that weekends actually matter to writers, but still. :-)

The only real problem is that the first chunk was mostly family / poly relationship stuff, which I can kind of write in my sleep at this point. And the next chunk is mostly superhero stuff and big, dramatic fight scenes. Plus guns. And gangsters. And cops. None of which are my normal milieu. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'm getting a little tired of the food at Eastgate, but I think I'll probably go there again tomorrow, just because it's such a good cafe for writing in. (Tons of outlets, comfortable temperature, and generally very quiet on weekdays.) They have Oregon chai (which I like), and the lobster bisque really is quite good.

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