Oof, exhausted. Rough…

Oof, exhausted. Rough night with kids. Just spent eight hours watching them; didn't manage to accomplish much else, although I did add about a dozen new images to the design page, from Taschen's Indian Interiors and Whitaker's Great Kitchens: Design Ideas from America's Top Chefs.

Love both of these books -- the Taschen is simply gorgeous, with breathtaking images from humble abodes to grand palaces. (And on massive sale to celebrate Taschen's 25th anniversary; Amazon is selling what would normally be an at least $40 hardcover coffee table book for $13.59.) And the kitchen book shows you the home kitchens of many top chefs, with floor plans, beautiful photos, their comments on the design (and what they wished they'd done differently), and some info on them and their work. Plus recipes! Even if you're not designing a kitchen, if you love cooking and food, this book would be a enjoyable read, or a great gift for a chef in your life.

At Eastgate now, drinking chai and eating an apple pastry. As soon as I finish the pastry (sticky fingers), I'm going to start writing. Hope it goes well; I'm inspired, but also tired.

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