The onslaught of…

The onslaught of relatives has paused -- first we had Kevin's parents, then my sister and her fiance, then my parents. My other sister is coming at the end of the month, but we have a few weeks in between, which is kind of a relief. It's odd -- everyone who's come has been very helpful -- cooking, doing dishes, watching the kids, etc. And yet somehow, we don't end up with any more free time than when they're not here. I think it's because we end up talking to them, or showing them the new house, or playing more with the children. I don't think we unpacked a single box while people were visiting. (We did eat a lot better than normal, though, and of course, we loved getting to see them and show off the munchkins and the house.)

It's also pretty impossible to get anything done on the weekends when Jarmila isn't here -- between the two kids, one of them needs something roughly every fifteen minutes. So if I'm very assiduous, I can keep the house relatively clean; you can clean a house in 5-15 minute chunks of time, although it's a little frustrating to have to keep stopping scrubbing to pick up a howling baby. But anything that requires more concentrated thought or time just isn't possible. In theory, I could work while Kevin watches the kids, or vice versa, but we're both so tired from the nights up with the baby that when we're both awake, we tend to split kid-watching, because we're just too exhausted to want to try to watch both kids while the other works.

So my backlog continues unabated; I'm going to try to make some serious progress on it today. Jarmila just took the kids out to the park; I've edited and posted Halloween photos so far (still need to upload them to Flickr and order prints for my mother and file the originals). Here's the rest of the list:

  • check Pam's references (first one checked was glowing, yay)
  • send evite for belated housewarming / baby welcome
  • send spring course descriptions
  • finish crits for class
  • grade portfolios
  • get library card and kitchen design books/magazines
  • visit Oak Park Historic Society and see what they have on our house
  • check out Thibault wallpaper at JC Licht
  • make keys
  • get dog food
  • call trash company and turn it off at big house so we don't keep getting charged for it
  • call gas and get it turned on at house so contractors have heat
  • sort dining table massive pile of urgent paperwork
  • hang curtain rod and curtains in living room
  • hang shelf in nursery
  • do two loads of laundry
Can I do all that before Jarmila leaves at 4? (Pausing to pump milk for half an hour every three hours.) Hmmm...

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