Halloween 2009 My…

Halloween 2009

My sister, Mirna, and her fiance, Gian, were visiting us over Halloween. As a result -- lots of photos!

Most of his photos actually looked like that one; Anand is not so patient for photo-taking right now.

He settled down for milk with his aunty, though.

The problem with taking photos of Kavi right now is getting her to stand still long enough...without a flash, blurry!

Kevin may hate getting his photo taken even more than Anand does. Poor guy; I appreciate him tolerating a few family photos, even if they do make him look a bit like a deer in headlights. :-)

Kevin's mom made Kavi's ladybug costume (along with one for cousin Brooke) -- so cute! Anand's pumpkin costume was a hand-me-down from Daniel and Anne; he disappeared into it, but I think just enough of him is peeking out to be adorable. :-)

Trick-or-treating is even more fun when you can get someone to carry you once you get tired...

3 thoughts on “Halloween 2009 My…”

  1. Anand is sooooo sweet!!! It’s best I not babysit. I think I’d smother him with kisses and hugs. LOL!

    Kavi looks so grown up with the pony tails. And I love her lady bug costume!

    Both of your children are absolutely delightful. I’m so happy for you!

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