Oh, and a quick note. …

Oh, and a quick note. We're not having a baby shower for Anand, as we mostly have plenty of stuff from last time. But some of our relatives and friends did want to get him presents, which are of course welcome, so we've set up a little Amazon wishlist with a few items we'd love to have for him.

Here it is for anyone who feels inclined to get baby Anand a present. And I should note that Kavi is feeling probably more than a little neglected at the moment, has been acting quite upset off and on since we came home, and would probably like presents too. :-)

To be honest, several of hers are in some sense also presents for me, as decorating Kavi's room is one of the few things I've actually had a lot of fun thinking about the last few months. It's going to be mostly bright pink and orange, but with accents in bright turquoise and light green. With a sort of tropical jungle theme -- peacocks, elephants, butterflies, flowers, all cheerful toddler-friendly images. Very cute, I think! :-)

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