Make that five hours of…

Make that five hours of sleep in the last forty. But I am optimistic that after this next feeding, I can get at least another three solid hours, as Anand tends to sleep in slightly longer stretches at night.

To be fair, while it's mostly him, it's also having a lot of little tasks on my mind, which makes it harder to fall asleep even when he gives me a window. Plus, I stopped taking the intensive pain meds and switched to just Motrin today, which means a) I'm in a bit more pain, which makes it hard to sleep, and b) the drugs aren't making me sleepy anymore. This is good, because I had a bunch of things that really did have to get done today (like getting electric and gas and water turned on at the rental, talking to the lawyer about the title search, etc. for the house closing on Friday, etc.), and they needed me to have a clear head. But sleep has been the casualty.

And now I keep thinking about packing, which is stupid, because we took over a bunch of stuff to the rental today (well, Kevin carried everything, but I went with him and tried to figure out where our furniture would fit; it'll be a squeeze since the rental house is two-thirds the size of our condo), and the rest is basically one car load of stuff, and I can't do the packing for it right now anyway because it's almost all up in the bedroom where Kevin and Kavi are sleeping. (Anand and I have taken over Daniel and Anne's other guest room, so Kev and I can minimize each others' sleep disturbance for a few nights.) So I really should just sleep, but the wheels keep running around in my head...

Ah well. Anand's waking up now, so I'll feed him and watch another show on Hulu while I do (which has been my salvation for these middle-of-the-night feedings; I think I've seen eight hours of shows in the last two nights: Bones and Castle and Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives and Glee and Community). Maybe I'll be sleepy after that.

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