I’ve just booked my…

I've just booked my reservation at the AWP conference hotel (Denver Hyatt), from April 6 - 11. Pricey -- it'd be a thousand dollars for just me in the room those nights.

Need to find out before December 15th (cancellation deadline) whether anyone might want to share my double room for all or part of the time. Fellow panelists, grad school classmates, Roosevelt or UIC folks, etc. I may also adjust my reservation dates, once they have a schedule up and I know when our panel will be. I'm pretty willing to pack 'em into a room (happy to share a double bed, for example) to save money, so hopefully, I can find somewhere between 2-4 people to share with...

2 thoughts on “I’ve just booked my…”

  1. If you haven’t found anyone yet, please let me know…I and another first-year UIC PhD really want to go. I’ll bop you an email about tea next week anyway, but figured I’d throw it out there 🙂

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I haven’t yet found anyone else to share with, Brooke. I still don’t know what the exact schedule is or what dates I’ll be there (and AWP owes me a confirmation e-mail on the panel too), but let’s keep the possibility in mind. 🙂

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