It’s Kevin’s birthday…

It's Kevin's birthday today. I would really like to get him a house for his birthday, but as he pointed out, he didn't manage to get me a house for mine, several weeks ago, when I asked. But perhaps I will be better at the gift-giving than he is. :-)

Housing stuff still in limbo. Waiting for word. Sigh. Long weekends do not help speed the process.

3 thoughts on “It’s Kevin’s birthday…”

  1. In the “it could always be worse” department: My boss was closing on the sale of his deceased father’s house last Friday… Until one of the ancillary escrow people (I’ve forgotten exactly who, but it was something complicated involving the buyer’s funding) didn’t show up, because they decided to close their office early for the long weekend. “GONE FISHIN’ COME BACK NEXT WEEK HAW HAW HAW”

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