Housing negotiations…

Housing negotiations progress. Kev is pretty sure we'll have a contract on something by Monday. I'm not quite as optimistic on the timing, but I do think one of these houses will likely happen at this point. Probably.

On the baby front, some news. The gestational diabetes seems to be well under control with diet and glyburide, and my doctor is very pleased with me. She says most people are not so good at counting carbs and sticking to it. Yay, me. (I've lost another pound this past week, but they claim this is fine.) And the pre-eclampsia worries appear unfounded; liver, etc. tests came back normal. They'll keep monitoring weekly because they're paranoid, but all looks good.

But the big news is that apparently little boy turned into head-down position this week. No more breech! So we're looking at attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean). They plan to give me until 40 weeks to go into labor -- if it doesn't happen by then, they'll do a planned c-section rather than trying to induce, because they think induction is a little too risky after a caesarean. (Something about the strength of pitocin contractions potentially tearing the uterine wall at the c-section scar or some such.) But there's a reasonable chance that I'll go into labor by 40 weeks. So.

I'm a little freaked out. Must go research regular births. I'm sure the internet is full of terrifying birth stories just for me.

I have fantasies of doing it without drugs, but people keep laughing at me when I mention the possibility.

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