Sorry about the silence….

Sorry about the silence. Mostly resting here, reading books (mostly fiction or interior design), eating Daniel and Anne's yummy food, and hanging out online. I was both bewildered and delighted to see that when the Scalzis offered to put up $500 in matching funds for the Strange Horizons fund drive, the result was an outpouring of donations to SH -- about $10,000 in one day, in fact. Crazy. Fund-raising is an art form, I think.

House stuff continues to progress, but slowly, slowly. We might have a contract for a house today, or tomorrow, or the next day. Or we might not. We're still tentatively planning to have a closing and move-in by September 20th, but it could be on any one of oh, 3-5 houses that we've decided are all totally acceptable. Very unnerving. Tomorrow we're going to give Daniel and Anne a check for rent/groceries for the three weeks we'll have been staying with them -- they're gracious enough that they'd never ask for it, but I'm starting to feel uncomfortably like a big old mooch. I'll feel a lot better about it once we pay them what we would've paid in rent for this time. Good thing we can afford it.

On the GD front, the low-carb diet got most of my sugars down, except for my fasting sugar, which was still about ten points higher than they wanted it to be. So they put me on glyburide, a pill I take once at night, which seems to be taking care of the problem, in combination with continuing the low-carb diet and going for a half hour walk every evening. Hopeful that if the numbers continue good, I can avoid insulin injections.

For the possible preeclampsia worry, they have me doing some blood tests tomorrow, and coming in for a non-stress test once a week now, which is a mild nuisance but not a big deal. Basically, I sit in a chair with monitors attached for an hour every week. Unfortunately, my hospital is close to an hour away from where we're staying in Oak Park, but since they're making me come in weekly for doctor's appointments too to monitor the sugar levels and guestimate the baby's size, this isn't really so much worse. They keep telling me to relax. I tell them that if someone will just sell us their damn house, then I'll relax...

This is our last week of vacation; classes start next week. It should be a relatively easy schedule, I think. I'm just teaching the one class, Intro to Fiction Tues/Thurs, 3:30 - 4:45. Also starting my new one-third-time position as Assistant Coordinator to the Asian American Studies Program, but I think there's a good chance that I'll be able to do a fair bit of that work on my laptop, from bed, especially since the first chunk of work I'll be doing for them is website development.

They've just moved Kev's schedule around a bit, so that he's now teaching 0 in the fall and 2 in the spring (instead of 1 and 1 as originally planned). Which is probably fine; it means that when we move, he should have lots of time for unpacking, and when the baby comes, he can get up in the night as much as needed. But it does mean we're going to have an intense spring -- 2 classes for him and 3 for me. Should make breastfeeding and general childcare...interesting. Maybe we'll give up on the whole house thing and just move to Sweden.

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  1. I haven’t read your blog for a month and just now caught up.

    Hard to know what to say. The last month sounds not fun at all. Oak Park sounds lovely — and looked lovely the one time I was there on a Frank Lloyd Wright tour. Surely you will end up with a good house there. But moving is hard, even when everything goes well. All these hangups and setbacks must be maddening.

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