Took it easy yesterday;…

Took it easy yesterday; lounged around the house, mostly, eating Daniel and Anne's yummy food. Did walk to the farmer's market, which is three times as big as the one in Wicker Park. (Also about three times as far to walk to, but that's good for me, right?) And in the afternoon, got a bit restless and ended up visiting both Two Fish Art Glass and Ten Thousand Villages. I didn't find anything I wanted to buy yet, but I think Anne and I are going to sign up for a stained glass class, five Tuesday evenings, starting in August. (Lori, Simone -- want to join us?) Stained glass is seriously expensive to buy, and whichever house we get, I suspect I'll want to add some stained glass at some point. So time to learn how to make it! :-) I've done a bit of it out of a book, but I think a class will be very helpful in learning how to get more professional results.

Today, Daniel's family went off to the city for breakfast and the Old Town Art Fair -- see, you don't have to abandon the city entirely if you move to Oak Park! Kevin made yummy chilaquiles for breakfast, and has now taken Kavi for a walk to go get me tea. This afternoon, we have five houses to look at (most of them second looks), and then I think we make a decision on what we want to offer on. The original Elmwood house may still be a possibility (complicated), but now we're not sure that's actually our first choice. Hopefully this afternoon will bring clarity.

Here's an aesthetic question for you. Assuming you like old wood and the like, would you rather:

a) buy an old house with a bunch of old built-in bookshelves and the like, lots of character


b) buy a different old house without much in the way of built-ins, etc. for much cheaper, giving you plenty of money for both furnishings and for adding built-in bookshelves, etc. that are exactly the size/shape/style you like best

There are other factors in play, but that's one that I'm kind of surprised to find myself torn on. Thoughts?

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  1. I think I might sigh wistfully, pat (a) on its pretty head, and go with (b). I’m learning that in order to be able to function in and maintain a living/working space, I need to have organizing systems that are tailored to me. I’m craving having a home again, so that I can shape my parts of it to suit and get my belongings out of storage.

  2. I’m in love with the Mad Hatter. We fell in love with our house at first sight (if you visualize yourself standing at the stove, you’re sunk) but were positive we couldn’t afford to live here. Bought it anyway the next day with the understanding that we’d enjoy it as long as we could then sell and move on. That was 23 years ago this month. No regrets.

  3. Unless I found a serious problem with a system (bad roof for example) I would always go with old house, old wood, etc. You can’t buy the same quality of craft with new homes.

    With all of love,

    C. J. Czelling

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