There are a few…

There are a few downsides to the other Elmwood house. No master bath, probably, unless we want our bedroom to be one of the attic ones. (Possible, but lots of stairs!) No central air, which costs about $10-$15K to have put in. No playroom, but room in the basement to make one, with a bit of finishing work. Two blocks further north, which makes it a slightly longer walk to the Blue line, which is a little annoying both for our commute to campus (although maybe better exercise for us :-), and for guests or Jarmila coming to us by subway. Also a little further from Buzz cafe and the other little Harrison arts district shops.

So it's definitely not a definite, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives. Kevin wasn't so sure yesterday, but he was utterly exhausted after the move -- the bulk of it fell on him, since I can't lift much of anything at this point -- poor munchkin. He should be more rested today, so he may like all the houses better. :-)

There are some other houses in the running:

Most of these have five bedrooms, so no dedicated guest room.

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  1. I’m supposed to be cleaning before my husband returns from a business trip. Giving my unsolicited opinion seems more fun than cleaning. Here goes:

    Victorian on Lombard  Not so much curb appeal. Inside looks great, baby proofed already, kitchen okay, but Id have to rip up that floor and redo the edge of the countertops.

    Brick Victorian on Wisconsin  Zippo on curb appeal. Nice woods, kitchen nice, current renovations take charm out of the home. Seems cold and lacking the warmth that is you.

    4-Square on Clinton  Have we seen this one before? Lots of curb appeal. Lovely home, not so sure about the kitchen counters and tile.

    4-Square on Scoville  Lots of curb appeal. Some nice features but then a fair number of odd features. And lots of white painted wood.

    Ah, the Mad Hatter  There is so much charm in this home. I do like it.

    Shutting down laptop. Going to kitchen to clean. Now.

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