We’ve made a decision,…

We've made a decision, and are putting in an offer tonight (or tomorrow -- as soon as we can, at any rate).

I'm not generally a superstitious person, but I'm now totally superstitious about this entire process, so I am actually not going to tell y'all which house we're offering on this time. Just wish us luck, okay?

I will say that I'm really happy to be putting in an offer on this house. Happy and hopeful and anxious, all at once.

5 thoughts on “We’ve made a decision,…”

  1. Good luck!

    Also, I’m not-so-secretly hoping that you’re writing (or at least remembering) more about the process and decisions, so that you can share it with us once everything is finalized. I completely understand why it makes sense not to discuss details while negotiations are under way, but I’m finding this process fascinating and I’m hoping you’ll be able to share a bit more about it once it’s all over.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Sarah, I’ll be happy to talk about it more once this next bit is over. 🙂 And if you have specific questions, go ahead and ask; I’ll answer if I feel like I can.

  3. Like Sarah, I too am very happy you are journalling all of this. People keep so much to themselves. For many years, I have felt our experiences are not our own. They are to share with others so we can help each other along on this journey. Even if it is to know we are not alone in our thinking.

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