I know blogging about…

I know blogging about the weather isn't the most exciting thing ever, but it feels wrong not to mention how gorgeous the mornings have been lately. I come down in the morning and open all the French doors on the first floor (I'm going to miss those French doors), and a cool, crisp breeze wanders its way in. It wakes me up, and makes me smile, and for a few hours, I feel strong and competent and able to handle all kinds of problems. Eventually, the heat kicks in and I get cranky and listless, unless I close everything up and turn on the AC. But for a few hours there, it's gorgeous.

Speaking of all kinds of problems, if I don't find out what's going on with our housing situation today, I may strangle someone.

Today, do some writing with Jed and Lori, do a lot of packing. Most of our rooms are mostly packed; time to start finishing some of them off. The movers come Wednesday between 1 and 3.

Right now, off to eat leftover Ethiopian food for breakfast. Jed kindly bought me lots of Ethiopian food last night for my birthday, and now we will be eating it for days. Doro tibs, yebeg wat, shiro, tikil gomen, yemisir wat, kik alicha. All from Ethiopian Diamond, all insanely yum.

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