For Venu and Sendhil’s…

For Venu and Sendhil's wedding, I was tempted to make Venu a lacy wedding rings shawl, but that's well beyond my current skill level, I'm afraid. Then I wanted to crochet them a wedding ring afghan. But I ran out of time. And then I thought maybe I'd knit them a wedding rings throw pillow. I actually got three rows into that, but then I ran out of time. So in the end, we ended up getting them a copy of Agricola, because it's a great two-player game (and I am finally occasionally beating Kevin at it, which is a damn good thing for our family harmony, because I am generally a good sport, but all that losing was starting to get to me). Hoping they don't already have the game, and that they like it as much as we do.

I also stopped in at Sur La Table and picked up some microfiber dishtowels specially designed for washing glasses (because they'd registered for and gotten a bunch of glasses from other guests), and a nice white apron, and then I embroidered a few wedding motifs onto them. I'm quite pleased with how they came out -- using just the basic chain stitch, I think I got quite a nice, elegant end result. And only about 2-3 hours of work, I think, done while watching re-runs of West Wing. If you're looking for an easy craft to pick up that will give you quick results, I really do recommend embroidery. I love the way these came out. Now I just hope Venu and Sendhil like (and use) them!

Note the little hearts in the spoons. :-) I used one of Kavi's baby spoons for the pattern. Perfect!

I wish I'd gotten a clearer photo of this; I'm particularly happy with how the linked wedding rings came out.

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