Still can’t talk about…

Still can't talk about house specifics. Sigh. On our condo sale, all seems to be progressing reasonably well -- we're now about a month from closing, and as long as our buyers actually get the mortgage they need, we should be out of here by the end of July. And hopefully in a house. We'll see. I spent Saturday at ThinkGalactiCon with realtors for Toronto condos, and had several good conversations, with Candra and Nnedi and Mikki and Jamie. The latter two (editors of Verb Noire) live in Chicago, it turns out, so I hope to meet up with them again for a meal or some such, maybe while Jed is visiting. Especially because I completely failed to make it back to the con on Sunday. I meant to go. I got up, I got dressed, I woke up Kevin hours early to watch Kavi so I could leave -- and then I just had a total meltdown and completely failed to leave the house. I think it's just housing stress. My rooftop plants were looking sad and underwatered yesterday, and I just wanted to take them all and put them IN THE DAMN GROUND ALREADY, except that I don't have ground. Also, I'm six-and-a-half months pregnant, and the nesting instinct is rearing its head, and I don't know where my nest is going to be. There's only so long I can carry these twigs and bits of fluff around, y'know? And my kitchen is a disaster and we have no food in the fridge, but why should I clean or grocery shop when I'm just going to leave in a month anyway??? Yes, I know, this makes absolutely no sense. Kev managed to calm me down, and eventually we all took a walk to Olivia's and got fruit and milk and popsicles and sandwiches and flowers, and after I came home and ate something, I felt better. I pulled Butler's Fledgling off the shelf because someone had mentioned it at the convention and reminded me that I wanted to re-read it, so I did, and it was good. I spent a lot of the day lying down, in bed or on the couch, because I was also totally exhausted -- I think the full Saturday at a con was a bit much for pregnant me. I managed to sit up long enough to play one new game with Kevin, Mr. Jack, but I was glad that it was a short game, because I was tired! By evening, I had recovered enough to prune the roof deck of spring-flowering detritus while Kevin watered and Kavi and Ellie ran around and everything looks much happier up there now. Woke up this morning, made pancakes and eggs, and finished reading Matt Ruff's Bad Monkeys -- fun, but not nearly as satisfying or interesting as Set This House in Order. Ah well. Also, the funny format of the binding makes the book difficult to hold, which was annoying. And now I'm going to actually deal with the disaster of dishes in the kitchen. When Jarmila gets here, will get to work -- today's my day for sorting out the last of the Kriti finances, sending out reimbursement checks and the like. May also go out to Oak Park to do one more back-to-back comparison of two houses. By tomorrow, I'm hoping to have my life enough back under control that I can either read the two books that I promised their authors feedback on, or start writing again myself. Possibly both. My writing goals for this summer include finished a final draft of Arbitrary Passions (so close to done), and finishing a full draft of either the YA fantasy novel or the poly space opera novel. Given that school starts again in mid-August, I need to get going on that.

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