Okay, I’m pretty certain…

Okay, I'm pretty certain that the master bedroom we're likely to have will not have ceilings high enough to fit this bed. Also, who can spend that much on a bedframe? But isn't it gorgeous? Sigh.

And on another note entirely, if you have some time to spare, apparently all of Elfquest is available for free online. Good thing I own it all in print already, or I'd get nothing done today...

4 thoughts on “Okay, I’m pretty certain…”

  1. That is only seven feet high, Mary Anne. I have never seen a house with ceilings lower than that. But it does look like a dust magnet…

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    A lot of the masters in Oak Park are in converted attics — so if the bed is against the wall, the space where the headboard would go is often only 4-5 feet high.

  3. Am I the only one who sees the possibility of injury when in the throes of passion? That sucker has some sharp points!

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