I love this kind of…

I love this kind of weather. I know other people like sun, and I can appreciate sun, in its place. But right now it's sixty-two degrees and lightly breezy. We have some of the French doors open to catch the breeze, because it's humid too -- thunderstorm weather. We've been having storms for the past few days and I love them; I missed them so much when I lived in the Bay Area. I love the richness of water in the air (when it's not too hot -- humid and hot is miserable).

We were out of milk (no milk for my tea! horrors!) so I took Kavi and Ellie for a walk to Olivia's, where we picked up milk and eggs and bananas and blueberries -- plus some lovely ruffled cream tulips. The tulips were already very open, so probably won't last long, but without my even asking, they cut the price in half because of that. Nice. We'll enjoy them for a few days at least. Saw so many lovely plants in the gardens on my way -- decided we need some white bleeding hearts in front of our building; I think they'd likely come back next year.

I realized coming back that I didn't garden ideally for selling our place. I tend to fill our windowboxes and sections of the roof in little color sets -- i.e., blue and purple flowers outside the living room, or red/orange/yellow in one corner of the roof. I also tend to plant a tremendous variety of plants -- I'm likely to have no more than 2-3 of any given plant, which makes for a nice naturalistic feel I enjoy. Each section ends up looking pretty good, and I enjoy the variety of color palettes, but I have to admit that it doesn't present a particularly unified appearance. In retrospect, I think I should have picked a color scheme and stuck to it for the whole place -- this would have been a great year to try an all-white garden, for example. Total drama, and the elegance would probably have helped sell this place. Or if not entirely white, white with a little blue/purple/pink. Coherence, that's the key. Oh well; it's too late now. If it doesn't sell this summer, I'll try to remember to try that for next spring.

I graded one of my classes yesterday; hope to grade the other today or tomorrow. (Grades are due Tuesday). Also continuing to make progress on the de-clutter. Lori's going to come by at 11 with Ursa, and to the extent that Kavi will let me, I'll try to plow through a bunch of overdue Kriti e-mails while Lori's here. Jarmila is out of town on vacation for five days, eep. Somehow we'll manage without her, although the odds of getting much work done are slim, unless we're willing to just park Kavi in front of the tv for five days. I don't actually think she'd tolerate that for long.

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  1. Oh, I’m always mixing up colors in my garden, too! This year I mostly have light pinks and dark blues, but then there’s the orange thousand bells in the corner, and I’m pretty sure the sweet peas I picked this year are the dark red ones with the spicy scent… ah well!

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